The collective is a team of four people. There are two duos; one specializes in designing publications, the other works with interactive media and stage design.

Aleksander Janas (b. in 1982 in Lublin) creates visual identity for performances, stage settings, interactive installations and animations. He also works in the field of education, conducting workshops on interactive media and open technologies.

Idalia Smyczyńska (b. in 1978 in Lublin) focuses on visual communication (publishing design and visual identification, in particular). She graduated from psychology and completed the University Typography Course. She co-organized the Typolub conference on graphic design and typography.

Paweł Szarzyński (b. in 1987 in Chełm) deals with animation, photography, TV and film postproduction, and programming. He works as a teacher at the Warsaw School of Photography and Graphic Design.

Robert Zając (b. in 1981 in Kielce) is a graphic designer. He completed a master’s course in philosophy and the University Typography Course, of which he has been a supporter ever since. He taught information design and info-activism at the Faculty of Political Science of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.

The collective received several awards and honorary mentions, including: European Design Awards, Good Design Award 2017 granted by the Institute of Industrial Design, 50 Books / 50 Covers – AIGA Award, Design of the Year – STGU Award, The Most Beautiful Book of the Year Award granted by PTWK.