Krzysztof Sołowiej

KRZYSZTOF SOŁOWIEJ (b. in 1962 in Białystok) studied at the Institute for Art Education (now Institute of Fine Arts) of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin and graduated from the State Higher School of Fine Arts (now Academy of Fine Arts) in Poznań. He works with sculpture and art objects, in which he refers to meanings found in the tradition of culture. Using traditional sculpting techniques, Sołowiej redefines traditional conventions. From an ideological perspective, his art is conceptual, but on the visual level, it is sensual, symbolic and allusive. In a unique way, his works play with imagination, allowing the viewers to have their own interpretations and make them meaningful. Sołowiej has participated in a number of solo exhibitions, including galleries: Kont and Biała in Lublin; ON, AT, Arsenał, EGO and the International Art Center in Poznań; Arsenał in Białystok, as well as Kunst # Stücke in Vienna. He participated in various events, including Lightness of Things at the Ujazdowski Castle Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw in 2013, Mediations Biennale in Poznań in 2008 and 2010, and Water Falls at Stary Browar in Poznań in 2012. His works can be found in the collections of Zachęta in Poznań, Szczecin and Olsztyn, as well as in many private collections.

He lives in Poznań.