Pavel Doskočil (Czech Republic)

PAVEL DOSKOČIL (b. in 1968 in Hradec Králové) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He is a sculptor and performer. He works with the medium of sculpture and art installation applying found objects to his art. In a perverse and sometimes humorous manner, he refers to geometric abstraction and minimalism. He is often inspired by elements of folk art, as well as well-known symbols, which he equips with new, frequently contradictory meanings. His works can be found in both private and public collections, including the National Gallery in Prague and the Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Králové. He is the founder of LMRA art group, which has taken part in various alternative performance art festivals in, e.g. Prague, Hradec Králové, or Dresden. In 1996-2010, he worked as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Education of the University in Hradec Králové, where he was teaching drawing and modeling. Additionally, he has worked as an art curator ( and launched the music project PIANO.

He lives in Vršcích.