Sofie Muller (Belgium)

SOFIE MULLER (b. in 1974 in Sint-Niklaas). In her artistic practice, Muller carefully examines human condition and the beauty of individual sensibility. Main themes that she explores and that continuously come back in her oeuvre are imperfection and psychological trauma resulting from loss, fear, shame, illness, disability, non-fulfillment, violence, closely guarded secrets, or fear of adolescence. She has presented her works at many solo exhibitions in Belgium, e.g. at the Geukens & De Vil Gallery in Antwerp and C-mine in Genk, as well as in Germany at the Martin Kudlek Gallery in Cologne. She also participated in more than one hundred group exhibitions in France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Germany, USA, Poland, the Netherlands, India and Switzerland. She is the author of five projects in the urban space in various cities in Belgium.

She lives in Gaunt.