Jarosław Koziara – TRANSFORMATION

A fire is an uncontrollable and violent process of matter transformation. From human perspective, a fire brings nothing but misery; it is an irreversible loss, which reminds us of impermanence of things and ephemerality of human existence. We empathize with fire victims and we are willing to help them. The sight of burning buildings is always a powerful experience, also an esthetic one. When speaking about his project, the artist wrote: “A fire also offers prospects for building a new life from the ashes; it is the eternal dichotomy of life and death.” Jarosław Koziara, known for his spectacular and monumental projects using fabric, light and fire, this time refers to the history of Lublin and the painting The Fire of Lublin in 1719. The artist’s intervention in an abandoned tenement house in the Lublin Old Town makes us contemplate the power of fire, which, on the one hand, provides a sense of security and warmth, but on the other, it may get out of hand and turn into a destructive force of nature.