Katarzyna Szczypior – (CO)RELATIONS

The project was developed in response to the guiding idea of this year’s edition of the festival, namely ‘reciprocity’. The artist encourages residents, guests and passers-by to make use of the space that she created in the heart of the Litewski Square. This space is marked out by swivel chairs – useful objects that invite us to stop, take a seat, and – upon choosing a chair and our position – to take part in a game. Revolving movement offers the possibility to enter – or not – into relation with other (co)participants of the game. Referring to her work, Szczypior wrote: “On a city scale, BEING in the city – an active participation in its life – requires a moment to STOP. On a microscale, when there is a need to develop closer /you-I/ relations – it requires ATTENTION. To stop, one needs a place (physical space), whereas to pay attention – an open mind (spiritual space). Szczypior’s object-chair not only provides a space to stop but it is also a test of our open-mindedness. The artist’s work makes it easier for people to meet; she provokes them to talk to each other or at least to exchange looks. Nothing is required, but a bit of… attention?