Krzysztof Sołowiej – WATCHMEN FOR LUBLIN

This work is a continuation of the artist’s project launched in Poznań, where it consists of figures placed on factory roofs. In Lublin, the artist decided to bring sculptures to the ground so that they are accessible to the audience. Sculptures are placed on the sidewalk, near a crosswalk and the statue of the Pensive Christ. This location establishes direct relations between the existing architecture and its busy surroundings. The figures have no faces, only eyes in the form of binoculars. They have become the look themselves. Sołowiej’s work shows the ambiguity and the power of looking. Who are the watchmen molded from fabric glued with resin and draped in such a way that they resemble old sculptures of saints? Are they looking out for castaways? Are they actually watchmen or maybe just sleazy voyeurs? Do they provide a sense of security or are they instruments of violence and they are here to constrain us? And maybe they are nothing but something repulsive and disgusting?