Monika Zadurska-Bielak and Tomasz Bielak – EQUILIBRIUM

The artists’ joint work presents a man standing on a cornice edge, a few meters above the ground. It refers to an attempt to keep balance, to the state of constant hesitation, to being ‘in between’, on the edge. By introducing this very realistic figure to the place where crowds of people walk every day and the traffic is always pretty heavy, the artists try to build up tension and cause surprise; they want to put passers-by off and break their daily routine. The artists ask about autonomy of individuals and their dependence on others, about an attempt to build human relations. The symbolic reciprocity is put to a test in an extreme situation…  It becomes an expression of loneliness and – at the same time – a cry for dialog. How much independence and how much external impact can be found in this symbolic gesture? To what extent do we influence people’s choices and to what degree do they affect ours? These are only few questions posed by the authors of this project.