Sofie Muller – AL/LII/17

In her work, the Belgian artist focuses on human body depicted in the form of smoke drawings and bronze and alabaster sculptures. Images evoked in her works show bodies that are dismembered, marked by defects and disabilities, incomplete in their nature, emerging from matter and immersing in it. Muller’s art is lined with fears caused by nightmares, and it engages psychoanalytical hermeneutics. It refers to a different reality, to different times or to the time beyond time. In Lublin, the artist is going to present an alabaster sculpture of the upper part of a human head. This piece triggers associations with archeological findings and it resembles a material trace of some terrible disaster or crime from centuries ago. We are trying to guess what the missing parts of the body looked like, to give this human an identity and to learn if his or her death had any meaning. We wonder, if the piece represents a modern man or an imaginary figure. But the stone fragment refuses to offer us answers. It only provokes to raise more questions and silently sends us back to the depth of dreams or old times.